Portrait of Ornella, the masseuse with the hands of a fairy of St. Barts

Ornella is one of the best professional masseuses in Saint-Barthélémy. Saint-Barth Paradise offers you to discover the benefits of her massages in exceptional places, like Villa Elle

Villa Elle has a SPA, with a massage table worthy of the greatest establishments, comfortable and heated.

Relax, let us introduce you to Ornella.

Ornella has specialized training in massage, and has extensive knowledge of different types of massage practices that she uses to help our clients relax, relieve stress and muscle pain, and improve their overall health. Ornella practices her massages using a variety of techniques, depending on the individual needs of our clients.
With Ornella, take your place in the hands of wellness experts. Let yourself be carried away in a relaxing environment and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. On this occasion, you will be able to discover prestigious, natural products with exceptional scents and textures such as the Ligne Saint-Barth products that we make available to Ornella.

Emily, your manager, will be at your disposal to invite Ornella in your villa, in order to give you the massages of your choice, during all your stay.

If you wish to share a massage in love, Ornella will go to your villa accompanied by another masseuse, chosen by her care according to your expectations.
After a beautiful sunny day, after a sports session, after a few laps in the pool, before a romantic evening, or simply for the pleasure of a moment of relaxation, you have only one word to say and your manager will organize the massage sessions of your choice, at the villa.

So, if we could give you 6 good reasons to indulge in a massage during your stay, here are the many physical, mental and emotional benefits:

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