Interview with Alain Robert, the French Spider-Man

Alain Robert, also known as the “French Spider-Man”, is a phenomenal French climber known for his barehanded ascents of skyscrapers and buildings around the world without safety equipment. Alain Robert is an unusual character, listed in the record books on several occasions, who has climbed more than 160 buildings, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

Indeed, Alain is anything but insane. All his climbs are meticulously prepared, sometimes months in advance. Alain is perfectly aware of the danger and mentalizes himself before each event through one of his favorite mantras and by telling himself “I have confidence in myself, I will succeed”. After each climb, Alain feels he has earned the life he has left. “The greater the fear, the greater the pleasure. After risking death, he feels even more alive and fights for the life he loves so much. The pleasure of accomplishing uncommon feats, reaching places that are out of reach for most human beings, galvanizes him.

Alain has fallen… yes, notably in 1982 when he had several 15 and 20 meter falls that severely damaged his physical abilities, but he will never give up this passion that drives him every day, dancing on the walls of the World.

Alain does not consider himself a sportsman, but rather an artist, a disrupter, a provocateur, who likes to take on challenges and fight in the face of defiance.this endearing man loves life, people, travel, and encounters and devotes part of his actions to humanitarian causes. The events he organizes allow him to raise funds to support beautiful life projects such as the construction of hospitals for children.

So here we are, after this exceptional meeting, this spider man, with a thousand boots, fascinates me even more.
Discover this exceptional character through the interview conducted with Laurent, for Saint-Barth Paradise.

Thank you Alain.

To learn more about Alain Robert

Nadège Mariani
Owner Saint-Barth Paradise.

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