The story behind Saint-Barth Paradise

Our team has been in love with the island of Saint Barth for over 15 years, giving us extensive knowledge of its resources, hidden gems, influential figures, and exceptional services.

“Our personal and professional journeys have taken us to some of the most stunning and exclusive destinations around the world. We have had the immense privilege of experiencing luxurious dinners, staying in the most exquisite palaces, and savoring precious moments of joy, all thanks to the talents of remarkable professionals.”


The love for Saint-Barth, a passion for the art of living, and the inspiration of luxury craftsmanship.

Nadège has nurtured a longstanding passion for fashion, design, table setting, and the art of living, drawing inspiration from artists and luxury artisans across the globe. Jean-Luc, on the other hand, is a culinary epicurean, a gastronome, and a knowledgeable oenophile who relishes embarking on new culinary explorations.

“Our three daughters, Louka, Rafaëlle, and Valentine, were raised in the heart of Saint-Barthélemy, with the sand between their toes, sun-kissed skin, and eyes fixed on the shimmering blue horizon, all while being embraced by the nurturing presence of turtles.”

Hospitality has always been our passion, where we carefully consider every detail to enchant our guests and ensure that no aspect is overlooked. Given our enduring fondness for Saint-Barthélemy, it was only natural for us to amalgamate all these passions into a single entity, Saint-Barth Paradise.


A dedicated team is ready to serve you throughout your stay in Saint-Barth, in each of our villas.

We work with highly qualified professionals who have earned our full trust, such as Emily, Benoît, and Laurent who will ensure that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary. 

We are surrounded by the best experts who will know how to provide you with all the services you need during your stay, in complete discretion. Housekeepers, gardeners, pool attendants, maintenance staff … all will work before and during your stay to make it absolutely perfect.

Our managers, Emily and Benoît, will be available 24 hours a day to listen to all your needs. With Saint-Barth Paradise, we are dedicated to making your wishes come true. Everything is possible.

What makes our villas unique?

Every room in every villa at Saint-Barth Paradise has a stunning sea view, which is a rarity in Saint Barts. Our priority is our clients’ satisfaction, and each of our villas is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience.

Exceptional locations in Saint-Barthélemy

Our Epicure, Mythique, and Milonga, villas are located in the Marigot Bay and enjoy a panoramic view from Saint-Jean to Grand Cul de Sac.

Villa Heloa, located in Pointe Milou, offers the opportunity to witness the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Saint Barts.

Villa Elle is one of the rare villas that enjoys direct access to the sea.

Nestled within the exclusive Gouverneur Bay area, Villa Secret Garden is a rare gem in Saint Barths. Only a privileged few have the opportunity to stay in this secluded and preserved green paradise, as few villas are available in this coveted location.

A breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea

At Saint-Barth Paradise, our architects are committed to elevating each location and emphasizing the omnipresent Caribbean Sea view. Our villas feature numerous intimate spaces, allowing each guest to embark on their own personalized journey.

High quality and authentic materials

Under the supervision of Laurent, our quality manager, most of our furniture and accessories are custom-designed and made from sustainable materials such as noble wood or recycled teck, to prioritize environmental preservation.

We also give careful consideration to the selection of natural stones, including Onyx, marble, and Java stone, to emphasize the authenticity that we hold dear. Our custom embroidered bed, table, and bathroom linens are crafted from delicate fabrics, reflecting our commitment to personalized and high-quality experiences.

We have enlisted the artists of tomorrow to customize each ambiance of our villas, each with its own unique character, with bespoke pieces created specifically for us. Within our villas, you will have the pleasure of discovering a variety of unique paintings and sculptures created by highly talented artists.

Why rent our villas in Saint Barth ?

We take pride in offering unique villas with exceptional design and panoramic sea views from every room – a rare feature on the island. At Saint-Barth Paradise, we are committed to providing our guests with an unforgettable stay by putting their satisfaction at the center of our concerns.

A breathtaking sea view

Our seven villas in Saint Barts offer exceptional accommodations, with every single room boasting a breathtaking ocean view.

Exceptional homes in Saint Barts

All our properties include top-notch amenities and are located in stunning locations

High quality services

Unmatched Services: Hotel-Level Luxury with the Comforts of Home. Every Detail Considered, VIP Welcome, and Personalized Concierge Assistance.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a holiday with family and friends or celebrate a special occasion, our team is here to help you plan the getaway of your dreams.

We’re dedicated to providing expert advice and organizing a personalized stay that exceeds all your expectations.